Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Privacy Week!

How are we celebrating Privacy Week?
  •  A daily privacy tip will be posted on our Facebook page ("Like" us, please) Not a fan of Facebook but still want to read our posts? Just visit our website and click on the Facebook link. You can read the posts that way without having to join Facebook- you just can't post. If you have comment, you can email and she will share it with the staff.
  •  Distributing wonderful (if I do say so myself) Privacy Week bookmarks. (The catch? Come upstairs and get it... it's how I get to say hi to everyone)
  • Visit our display of titles featuring privacy issues... from blogging and Facebook to Database Nation and Naked Employee... we have everything you need to learn how to protect yourself in social networking, how to watch for what is being done with your private information, and more.
 Come see us!

1 comment:

  1. I'm on facebook and trying to find your fan page to like it but you didn't post a link for it. Maybe you can let me know what it is so I can :-)