Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learn a New Language with Hubbard Public Library!

       あなた新しい言語を学ぶことに興味はありますか?*  Ste obavy, aby sa zaviazali cenu?**  Biste li radije naučiti u privatnosti vlastitog doma?***  The library is your answer! 

      Hubbard Public Library offers a free database to assist you in learning over 40 different languages. The database is accessible from the library or your home, as long as you have internet access and a computer. Visit the library website at www.beyond-books.org and double click on the "Learn A New Language Today" graphic. Create an account and you can begin learning everything: from how to ask where the restroom is to being fluent in a second, third or even fourth language!

*Japanese: Are you interested in learning a new language? ** Slovak: Are you apprehensive to commit to the cost? ***Would you prefer to learn in the privacy of your home?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show, Tell, and Win!

Did you hear about our new contest? Show and Tell what you downloaded with your library card from our website using Overdrive and you could win an iPod shuffle! Come in with the device or a picture of the downloaded item on your computer screen , show it to someone at the ref desk, and receive an entry into our drawing! Hurry- ends June 27!
Simply visit our website at www.beyond-books.org. Click on the <DOWNLOAD> graphic in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will take you to the Ohio eBooks Project site, where we are collaborative members with many additional libraries.  You will need to download additional software: Adobe Editions and Overdrive Media Console to use your downloads.  (When you download Adobe Editions, please make sure you follow the prompts to register the device with an Adobe Id or you will not be able to transfer ebooks.)
Search for the item you want to download, making sure that the format is compatible with the device you are using, and click add to cart. Sign in, check out your cart, and be on your way! 
Questions? Call us 330.534.3512 or email amy@beyond-books.org.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The YA Controversy: Too Dark or Relevant to Teenage Life?

There is a war scaling right now as to whether or not YA fiction is Too Dark. One side says that books like Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson trigger self harm and The Hunger Games is inappropriate because it is hyper-violent.
Here are two sides of the story: let me know what you think. Really. I want to know.


2. A RESPONSE from www.shelf-awareness.com

Comment here at the blog, find us at Hubbard Public Library on Facebook, or email amy@beyond-books.org. Share your opinion with us!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Want to Know Everything, part 3

I know you have been waiting for this post all weekend... how can you read our Tweets? There are two different ways: you can join Twitter or you can access the tweets from our website.

To join twitter, you visit www.twitter.com and create an account using your email address. You can then access your settings and sign up for Twitter Mobile, which will allow you to tweet and read tweets from your phone. Just make sure you follow HPLBeyondBooks to get all of our information. You can then decide if you want to follow others and whether or not you want to tweet some messages yourself.

Not interested in sending out your own tweets or signing up for Twitter? That's ok, you can still read our tweets by visiting our homepage at www.beyond-books.org and clicking on the Twitter link. It will list all of our tweets for you.