Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Contest Time!

You read about Preservation Week in our last blog post (right?) so here is our contest info:
First, come to the library. Really. Not come Monday at 2 or Wednesday at 5 - come in when its convenient for you as long as we are open.

The display will be near the entrance to the Teen room (where the movies are).
Pick up a copy of the Scavenger Hunt Form. Take said form to the reference desk and ask the reference librarian for the microfilm stated on the form.

Have you used a microfilm reader lately? No? That's why the contest requires you to use it.  Librarians LIVE to teach you new things, so let them. No need to be shy, I don't know how to work it either.

Look for the answers to the questions on the form, answer them, then turn the form and the microfilm in to the reference librarian. (Don't forget to put your name and number on it)

All the correct entries will go into a drawing for a prize.

12 year old, Samantha Neral, of Brookfield can not wait to do this contest and repeatedly asks, "When can I do that microfilm thing? Today? Or is it an 'adults only' thing I can't do?"

Well, Samantha, the good news is it is an all ages contest. Ages 13 and under have to have supervision with the machine, but you can enter the contest.... just not til Monday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to learn more about preservation... and win!

April 24-30 is Preservation Week! From the American Library Association: Some 630 million items in collecting institutions require immediate attention and care. Eighty percent of these institutions have no paid staff assigned responsibility for collections care; 22 percent have no collections care personnel at all. Some 2.6 billion items are not protected by an emergency plan. As natural disasters of recent years have taught us, these resources are in jeopardy should a disaster strike. Personal, family, and community collections are equally at risk. ALA encourages libraries and other institutions to use Preservation Week to connect our communities through events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections. 

So what are we going to do about it? Have a contest, of course!
The week of April 24 thru 30 celebrate the wonderful world of microfilm by coming into the library and requesting a copy of our MICROFILM SCAVENGER HUNT participation sheet. You will then receive a reel of microfilm  and a list of questions to answer. Don't know how to use the microfilm machine? That's what the contest is all about! Learn how to use the machine, fill in your answers, and all the correct answer sheets will be entered into a drawing for a prize (to be announced).

Are you going to be the winner? Comment below.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TAG... you're it?

TAG is the Tweens' Activity Group that meets every two weeks. Creative activities are planned by our extraordinary children's room librarians...Mary Anne, Nancy and Dana. This week the tweens created artwork from Twinkies (yum).

Mary Anne, Children's Librarian Supervisor,  believes the key to fostering creativity in children is to let them explore their own ideas. Rather than provide a sample of what a finished product looks like, Mary Anne explains the concept and then allows the tweens to tap into their inner creativity by producing a work of art that is truly their own and not a rendition of an interpretation someone else shared. (She applies this to all the art activities she does with children of all ages, preschool to adult).

Consider checking out TAG  if you are or have a tween.

Upcoming activities:

April 26 3:00

Tween Activity Group for ages 10-12
Please call for movie title.

May 3 3:00-4:00

Tween  Activity Group for ages 10-12
Create your own SNACK BAG TOTE.
Please call 330-534-3512, ext 4 to sign up if you have not already registered for TAG.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Create your own story at HPL

  Create your own story at HPL this Sunday,  April 10 from
1- 4pm. 

Have you ever thought you wanted to be a genealogist? Learn more about our Heritage Quest database. 

Considering saving the day with a speedy car repair? Visit our OnDemand Mitchell database demonstration to find out how to get everything from wiring diagrams to adjusting points. 

Or maybe, just maybe, you want to be an evil genius computer spy who takes over the world? Well, that might be a stretch, but our  Learning Express demonstration will show you how to access everything from public speaking tips to computer lesson modules. 

It's your story. It's your library. Create your own story at HPL.

                   Need props for your them!
 This Ohio State Buckeye Basket can be yours by visiting us on Sunday during open house.  Receive an entry into our prize drawing by attending the open house. Earn additional entries by visiting different areas of the library and watching demonstrations of some of our most popular databases.  (there are several additional baskets)  There is no cost to entering the drawing, so save all your quarters to visit the Friends Book Sale during open house hours.

Want more prizes, stop by the library and the McBride House both on Sunday, pick up a house shaped tag and have it stamped at both locations, and you could win another prize!

Need even more prizes? Pick up "Characters Invited" invitations at the library and use them to invite ALL of your FRIENDS (email if you need an email copy of the form). You and your friend will  be entered into a drawing to win a messenger bag! You are entered into the drawing for each guest you invite who brings the invitation to Open House on Sunday!