Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TAG... you're it?

TAG is the Tweens' Activity Group that meets every two weeks. Creative activities are planned by our extraordinary children's room librarians...Mary Anne, Nancy and Dana. This week the tweens created artwork from Twinkies (yum).

Mary Anne, Children's Librarian Supervisor,  believes the key to fostering creativity in children is to let them explore their own ideas. Rather than provide a sample of what a finished product looks like, Mary Anne explains the concept and then allows the tweens to tap into their inner creativity by producing a work of art that is truly their own and not a rendition of an interpretation someone else shared. (She applies this to all the art activities she does with children of all ages, preschool to adult).

Consider checking out TAG  if you are or have a tween.

Upcoming activities:

April 26 3:00

Tween Activity Group for ages 10-12
Please call for movie title.

May 3 3:00-4:00

Tween  Activity Group for ages 10-12
Create your own SNACK BAG TOTE.
Please call 330-534-3512, ext 4 to sign up if you have not already registered for TAG.

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