Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open House 101: Your Guide to Getting the Most from your Visit

It's almost time! Sunday, April 10 from 1- 4pm join us for an interactive, hands-on afternoon at the library.

Start your afternoon off by swinging by the Historical Society's McBride House for a tour. The Historical Society and the Hubbard Public Library are partnering up this year.  In recognition of the library theme, "Create your own Story at your library", the Historical Society will be offering materials free of charge to get you started compiling your own family history. There will also be adorable home shaped tags to pick up at both the McBride House and the library. Get your tag punched at the McBride House and then bring it to the library and have it punched here and you will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Speaking of prizes, you get an entry into the library basket raffle just by walking in the door! Not feeling lucky enough to win with just one entry? For every demonstration you visit, you receive another entry! So you can some learn about independent courses online on Learning Express, small engine repair, or even how to look up a wiring diagram for a 1979 Camaro on the  Mitchell On Demand car database and you will have 4 entries!

Really love to win prizes? Between now and the open house, stop in the library to pick up a "Characters Invited" form and for every guest who returns your invitation on the day of open house, you will be entered into another drawing!

Does it sound like you could win? Of course it does. Everyone wins when you use your library!

So come in and
1. Visit your favorite librarians
2. Sign up for a library card
3. Learn how to download ebooks and audiobooks
4. Make an All About Me book
5. Visit the Altered Book Art Gallery
6. Gaze in wonder at the amazing craft display from the Fortnightly Crafters
7. Check out the progress in the new teen room
8. Become a Friend of the Library
9. Friends BOOK SALE (best kept secret)
10. Visit demonstrations on Learning Express, Freegal, Ohio Web Library, Know it Now 24/7,
      Small Engine Repair, Mitchell On Demand car database, and more!
or just try your luck at winning prizes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simon? Where are you?

Have you met Simon? He is an adorable mouse who likes to appear every once in a while for events where very sweet, adorable young children come to see the incredibly gifted, unbelievably delightful librarians from the children's department. You may have even spotted him at  Family Night in the company of some of our YAC@HPL teen volunteers (YAC@HPL= Young Adult Council at Hubbard Public Library.)

There is a little rumor I heard recently that Simon loved the children who attended Family Night so much that he is looking for them. He has searched the library day and night trying to find the same children he saw last time. While he was wandering, he realized that there are a lot of little kids that Simon has seen over the years. He is feeling a little sentimental and would like those children who really, really like seeing him to  find him and give him a BIG hug.

However, we never really know when Simon is going to be wandering around. He could be at Babytime, YAC@HPL Book Club, or even show up at our new Anime Club meeting... you never know. See if you can find him. Watch the library calendar of events and see if his name pops up... or, maybe if we wish really hard, someone from the children's department will let us know when Simon is going to be looking for a hug again... Do you think he will be at the Open House on April 10, from 1- 4 pm?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hubbard Public Library Now Offers Downloadable Audiobooks, eBooks, Music, and Video!

           Hubbard Public Library has expanded its services to include eBooks, audiobooks, digital music, and digital video. The library’s new digital media content is available to download at anytime from the library’s website through the Ohio eBook Project. Library card holders can check out and download digital media by visiting This new service is free for Hubbard Library patrons with their library card. Patrons browse the Ohio eBook Project’s website, check out materials with a valid library card, and then download content to a PC, Mac®, or other mobile devices. Titles can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices, including iPod®, NOOK™, Sony® Reader™, and many others, for on-the-go listening and reading. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period so there are no late fees! Visit the reference desk at the Library to find out if your eReader or mp3 player is
compatible with OverDrive Media.

            Learn how to download ebooks, audiobooks, digital music and digital video with OverDrive Media by attending a class at the library. Class size is limited, so advance registration is required. There is no fee, but a flash-drive is recommended to save information. Flash-drives are available for purchase from The Friends of the Hubbard Public Library at the reference desk. Call the Library at 330-534-3512, Ext. 3 to register for a class. There are several sessions scheduled in the coming weeks. To see a list of class times and dates or to get started downloading audiobooks, eBooks, and more, visit

         The Ohio eBook Project is a state-wide consortium that provides a shared collection of downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, music and video to member libraries across Ohio. Member libraries, including Hubbard Public Library, purchase content that is shared collectively to all participating libraries. Established in 2005, the Ohio eBook Project is funded in part by LSTA funds awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the State Library of Ohio.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shhh... Still a Secret...

           I have been hearing rumors about the open house again. It is going to be Sunday, April 10 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.The library will be open for you to sign up for a library card, check out demonstrations, and meet all of the wonderful people who are here every day to make your library experiences run smoothly and effortlessly. There will be no checking out of materials during the open house... we want you to have an opportunity to mingle with all the staff that day and to enjoy the activities.

          So, let's have some fun with this... what activities do you think you will see at the open house?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's that time again...

"Spring Forward" again on Sunday, March 13 at 2 am ...
Here is an interesting fact about Daylight Saving Time
(yes, I say savings too, but I'm being educated by my library.)

"Daylight Saving or Savings?
The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time. Saving is used as a verbal adjective -- a participle. It modifies time and tells us more about its nature; namely, that it is characterized by the activity of saving daylight. It is a saving daylight kind of time. Because of this, it would be more accurate to refer to DST as daylight-saving time. Similar examples would be a mind-expanding book or a man-eating tiger. Saving is used in the same way as saving a ball game, rather than as a savings account. Nevertheless, many people feel the word savings -- with an "s" -- flows more mellifluously off the tongue. Daylight Savings Time is also in common usage, and can be found in dictionaries. Adding to the confusion is that the phrase Daylight Saving Time is inaccurate, since no daylight is actually saved. Daylight Shifting Time would be better, and Daylight Time Shifting more accurate, but neither are politically desirable."

taken from: Check out the nodes on their website- very cool formatting.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sneak Peek- SHHH! Don't tell! Characters invited...

Guess what is coming soon... the library open house! I am not revealing any specific details about the day -of activities yet, but I want to make sure you are the first to know.

The open house will be Sunday, April 10 from 1-4 pm. I can't wait to see everyone come out and learn about all the new opportunities that are available: computer classes, ebooks, audio book downloads, craft classes, the return of family nights in the children's department.... and more!

I will let you know more when I know more- so keep checking the blog and stay up to date with all the latest news!