Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simon? Where are you?

Have you met Simon? He is an adorable mouse who likes to appear every once in a while for events where very sweet, adorable young children come to see the incredibly gifted, unbelievably delightful librarians from the children's department. You may have even spotted him at  Family Night in the company of some of our YAC@HPL teen volunteers (YAC@HPL= Young Adult Council at Hubbard Public Library.)

There is a little rumor I heard recently that Simon loved the children who attended Family Night so much that he is looking for them. He has searched the library day and night trying to find the same children he saw last time. While he was wandering, he realized that there are a lot of little kids that Simon has seen over the years. He is feeling a little sentimental and would like those children who really, really like seeing him to  find him and give him a BIG hug.

However, we never really know when Simon is going to be wandering around. He could be at Babytime, YAC@HPL Book Club, or even show up at our new Anime Club meeting... you never know. See if you can find him. Watch the library calendar of events and see if his name pops up... or, maybe if we wish really hard, someone from the children's department will let us know when Simon is going to be looking for a hug again... Do you think he will be at the Open House on April 10, from 1- 4 pm?

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