Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Contest Time!

You read about Preservation Week in our last blog post (right?) so here is our contest info:
First, come to the library. Really. Not come Monday at 2 or Wednesday at 5 - come in when its convenient for you as long as we are open.

The display will be near the entrance to the Teen room (where the movies are).
Pick up a copy of the Scavenger Hunt Form. Take said form to the reference desk and ask the reference librarian for the microfilm stated on the form.

Have you used a microfilm reader lately? No? That's why the contest requires you to use it.  Librarians LIVE to teach you new things, so let them. No need to be shy, I don't know how to work it either.

Look for the answers to the questions on the form, answer them, then turn the form and the microfilm in to the reference librarian. (Don't forget to put your name and number on it)

All the correct entries will go into a drawing for a prize.

12 year old, Samantha Neral, of Brookfield can not wait to do this contest and repeatedly asks, "When can I do that microfilm thing? Today? Or is it an 'adults only' thing I can't do?"

Well, Samantha, the good news is it is an all ages contest. Ages 13 and under have to have supervision with the machine, but you can enter the contest.... just not til Monday!

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