Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year..New TBR Pile (from Amy)

What are you planning to read in 2015? 

Are you up for a challenge?

 Ready to kick this year off with a pile of books? 

Me too! So here is what I'm thinking. You know we are hosting a Readathon on January 24 at the Hubbard Public Library, right? No, no pledges or collecting pennies per page, just good, old fashioned hanging out and reading together. So when you come in on that Saturday and register for the Readathon, pick up a copy of Popsugar's 2015 Reading Challenge. Do you have to? No. You can just come hang out and read at the Readathon, get your prize, bond with fellow readers, etc... or

 you can  challenge and possibly defeat Amy  from Our Place @HPL

(me! from HPL Teen Room)  by completing more of the challenge than I do. Of course, I just gave you the link to the list, so you can start the challenge now and find me at the Readathon to see how far along I am in the challenge.  I am  keeping track of each book (1 per designation even if it can fit several) and will updating my progress on this blog by providing you with my mini reviews of each book and some possible recommendations. (I am starting the challenge today, Jan 3, since it's the first day I told you about it- keeping it fair. Plus, most of the books I read will be YA because I am the Teen Librarian, but not all so don't get caught up in the classification of what you are reading, just in how it fits the challenge.)

What do you have to do? Simply keep a copy of the list, read the books (1 per designation) and list the author/title you read for each one. How will I know you read it? I will just have to trust the haggard look you'll have from reading 52 books this year, the gleam from having found the bottom of your TBR pile and the way every time I see you,  you either exclaim. "OMG you have to read....!" or "I can't believe you made me do this!"

Register to challenge me so I know how many people are participating by emailing me (  with a message that says, "2015 Reading Challenge" with your name. There's probably a prize in it at the end if you can actually complete more of the challenge than I do- we'll check with some of our awesome local supporters..I thinking pizza is a necessity with this much reading, don't you?
 Hello? Pizza Works? Can I get a white pizza (oh, it's the best!!) if I complete all 52 books?


Watch this site for updates on all the books Amy is reading for the challenge or Tweet with her using #HubbardReads. 

You can also join our GoodReads Group to add what you are reading or recommend a title for a specific category!!


  1. Hmmmm, do audio books count as I listen while travelling the HUGE distance to and from work every day? You know I had to throw a monkey wrench in there, right?

  2. Oh YES!!! Audio books, ebooks, dead tree books... no discrimination here! Just remember to visit for a virtual library card so you can download from Overdrive emedia or One Click digital if you don't have a Hubbard Public Library card... or come get one! Free to anyone living or working in Ohio...ask for details!!