Thursday, April 11, 2013


Mother Hubbard to Visit Hubbard Public Library
Looking to Fill Cupboards 

Join us April 14, 2013 from 1-4pm for our Mother Hubbard Open House

(Hubbard, Ohio) Recent rumors surrounding the visit of Mother Hubbard to Hubbard Public library have indeed been confirmed. On April 14, 2013, the famed mother will appear at Hubbard Public Library to stock those bare cupboards. Just what has motivated her to visit the library?
"It's MY library. That's what they say. They say it's your library too. So, here I am with so many children I don't know what to do and it hits me! I'll ask the library. What can I do with no bone for my dog and so many children? I've no job, no computer, no ideas..." Mother Hubbard declared.
How can the library assist? Do they have what you need too? Join Mother Hubbard on Sunday, April 14 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm for the annual open house. This year's open house will feature Mother Goose nursery rhymes and activities. Each station will feature a library service, rhyme and activity, along with a nursery rhyme character.Special features include local children demonstrating their violin skills and the opportunity to have free photos with KMR Photobooth Rentals and library mascot, Simon (who may or may not be the mouse that ran up the clock).
"They helped me find my sheep with that Google Earth map", commented onlooker Little Bo Peep. "The computers and internet access are free. I can even download free music to keep the sheep happy at home so they don't run away anymore. I love MY library."
"I couldn't agree more", exclaimed the wife of Peter, Peter, Pumpkin eater. "I can access the library 24/7 through their website and learn all kinds of exciting things without ever leaving my pumpkin shell! Ebooks, Mango Languages, home repair... I can do it all with MY library from home."
"I go to the teen activities and listen to my new friends play guitar, learn new games, and just hang out. It's like a second home. They even like it when I blow my horn at MY library," commented Little Boy Blue, not wanting to be left out of the conversation.
"Wee Willie Winkie is the only one who doesn't use the library," said the Muffin Man. "He's too busy running through town, but I'm going to bring him to the open house with me. Once he gets a library card and sees all the access he has to free magazines and DVDs, he'll be able to relax a little. You should come to MY library, too. I'll meet you at the open house where you can sample my new specialty ? delicious mini-muffins."
"Will you join the Muffin Man, Mother Hubbard, and friends at the Hubbard Public Library Open House on April 14? Questions? Call the reference desk at 333.534.3512 x6 or email

Hubbard Public Library 436 West Liberty Street Hubbard, Ohio 44425

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