Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vote for YOUR Library!!

Don’t forget to vote in November !  – no, we don't mean the voting for a United States President.  It’s time to vote for YOUR future virtual library director and assistants.  There will be a ballot of twelve candidates, the voters will select one virtual director and two virtual assistants. Your choice of candidates will 
clearly show the focus and goals you wish 
for your virtual library. All completed ballots are due by November 30th and will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle e-reader.   
Click here to vote.


Seymour Awthors  -  Believes the bestseller list is not important – the library should purchase every book that is published, and should have programs encouraging first-time authors. Let the bookstores sell Patterson and Macomber!  Libraries are meant to fulfill an educational and cultural role!

Dewit Miself  -  All we need is a physical library and the material in it; every library card holder can handle finding information and checking out items on their own.   No staff is needed in the library of the future – we already offer virtual library card registration.  Let’s take it to the next level!

Saul Wellingood    - Everything's fine the way it is, nothing needs to be improved or modified.  Be safe, stay with the way things have always been done. Change is dangerous.  “Don’t rock the boat”.

Will Findabook   -    I will continue to answer all member questions to the best of my ability, I will find the books you need, and I promise to give the best Reader’s Assistant advice when you are looking for a new author.
Dot Com   -   Every library needs more computers.  Books are dead; I will put all libraries funding into computers and e-readers, and real-live librarians can be replaced with machines.   The information is out there in the cloud, waiting to be accessed. We only need robots to show us how.
George Stayontopothis   -   I promote an ultra - maximum level of personalized service, with rapid 24/7 "follow-ups" on all library inquiries. I believe in first-name recognition of library regulars.  My library staff would prepare professional resumes and cover letters for job seekers.

Allfer d’Grankids – Libraries are only for those ages 13 and under, so all funding should be diverted to the Children’s area, and to educational programs.  Adults are essential only as chauffeurs and chaperones.

Amos Reid   -   There is no need for public computers in the library, as everyone has a computer at home.  My focus would be on reading programs, both for children and adults.  We must promote literacy!

Perry Adickelle -   We are all too busy to read an entire book.  I will purchase more magazines, newspapers and journals, all to be read in the library or on-line.  Have you seen our Zinio service on our website?  That’s the future!

Ivana Czechitowt - All library materials, reference or otherwise, should be available to the library card holder.  Nothing would ever have a due date – just bring it back when you, the reader, are done.  And no one should have to bring a card with them each time – everyone on staff should recognize the card holder by sight and remember their name.

Anita Buk  -  I would purchase enough best seller copies so that they would be available to every patron as soon as they are published, and would install an automatic holds system - your favorite author would be on your holds list as soon as their newest release is announced, before publication.  If funding allows, I would set up home delivery for all.

Mr. Hubbard – I would make the library a community center.   Coffee and donuts would be provided for free, with an underground recreation center that can double as a crisis shelter.  The library would also network local businesses and job listings.

If you do not see the perfect candidate and platform in the listing above, please write in your preference when you vote!! 

Vote for your favorite library candidate

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