Friday, May 20, 2011

I want to know everything!

It's true. When the school was closed last week, I wanted to be the first to know so I could tell all of you. When there is a new program that I am interested in, I definitely don't want to find out after it happened. How do you keep up with all that info that is out there without sitting in front of a computer and letting life pass you by?
Over the next few weeks, I will tell you how to get info from the library without having to be tied to your computer. This week, I will tell you about unlimited texting. Next week, I will explain how to view our Facebook posts with or without signing up for Facebook, and after that, will see what news a little birdie can tell you with Twitter.

First, unlimited text. I found out about the school being closed even though my children aren't in this school district through a local news station and their text notification option. I can choose several school districts and they will email me as soon as a delay or cancellation is reported. Unlimited text is a nice feature and can be use to receive Facebook updates, Tweets... you can even be notified that a book you placed on hold is available to be picked up at the library!

So how do you get library information with unlimited text? First, you let us know that you want to change the way you receive your notifications.  Rather than a phone call to say your book is in, a text notification will tell you the title of the book and will text you as soon as it arrives. Remember all those times you spent all afternoon running around doing errands just to come home and get a message that your book is in? Our text notification will let you know you book is in no matter where you happen to be at the time. You can also get your overdue notices by text- I can't tell you how much money that could save me in fines!

The other ways to utilize your unlimited text involve Twitter and Facebook. Both of these social networking tools allow notifications to be sent to you by text. You can sign up for Facebook and receive our posts by text simply by adjusting your settings. Not sure how? Email me at amy@beyond-books and I will help you work it out.

Twitter also has an option that allows you to sign up for text notification. Just "follow" HPLBeyondBooks and change your notifications to text. Email me with questions and I will help you change your settings.

Next week, how to check our Facebook posts without signing up for Facebook (with a quick little reminder on how to "like" us of you are on Facebook.)

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