Saturday, February 19, 2011

YAC@HPL 4 u? 4 me?

What is YAC@HPL? It stands for Young Adult Council at Hubbard Public Library and serves teens ages 13-18. The council is currently working on establishing teen programs and teen volunteering opportunities at the library.

One of the newest teen programs that YAC@HPL has created is the Anime Club. This group begins meeting on Thursday, March 10 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, and will continue to meet at that time the second Thursday of each month. The Anime Club will also feature Japanese culture, Manga, occasional cosplay, and additional activities.

YAC@HPL will also meet the fourth Thursday of every month for the YAC@HPL Book Club, affectionately referred to as a "not your mother's" style book club; meaning that there will be technological aspects that are not found in typical adult book clubs. Keep an eye here on the blog and check our website occasionally ( to learn more as the book group unfolds. The first meeting on March 24 will help establish which books will be read each month. Book selection will be made by the group and all teens all welcome.

So, YAC@HPL is the new teen programming at the library. If you are a teen, please join us. If you are not a teen, please refer one.If you have programming suggestions for teens, please comment and share them.

TEASER: YAC@HPL is creating a video to enter in the national ALA video competition with the theme: "Why I need my Library." Watch for links to the final video in April. Good luck, YAC@HPL!

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